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Buckwood Bear Blast 2021 Weekend @ Buckwood!

Bears, Bears, BEARS everywheres!

Come join one of our newest events: Buckwood Bear Blast 2021!  Our seasonal members will be hosting a pizza and beer bash for our bears and bear admirers. Bring your appetites for food, frivolity, and fun. By the way: If you aren’t already aware….our bears are, by far, the nicest guys you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Nuzzle up and enjoy the warmth!  Oh, and hey cubs!

Featuring the 2021 Mr. Buckwood Cub title contest!

Think you’re cuddly enough and warm enough to compete for the role of the cuddliest cuddly bear at camp? This is your chance. And hey, we get it…you’re likely nervous. Well, trust when we say this: The bears will eat you up (figuratively speak, of course *wink*)!

Please note: all events and details are subject to change. Contact the office or check Facebook for updates.


Aug 20 - 22 2021

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