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Northern Decadence Begins with Hanky Code Connection/Fetish Weekend

What is Northern Decadence you ask? This is a season that Buckwood feels very strongly about, and has since the doors opened 17 years ago. This time period, beginning now, is a time of celebration. We are here to celebrate our diversity, to behave differently, to be more decadent than we are usually permitted to be. We are letting go of our inhibitions, letting it all hang out, and pushing fun to a new level during this season. We want you to always feel welcome to be yourself at Buckwood obviously, and it is incredibly important to us for sure!

This weekend begins the Northern Decadence season with our Hanky Code Connection/Fetish Weekend. If you aren’t familiar with the Hanky Code, you might want to do some research. It is a part of our history and this weekend showcases it on a camp-wide level. Slightly (or extremely?) interested in some of the more, shall we say, fringe-like behaviors of our diverse community? Then you WILL enjoy this weekend. Informative, fun, and DECADENT!

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Fetish Hanky Code Weekend

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