To help keep everyone safe here at Buckwood, there are some steps that need to be taken.

We have been working with the Brown County Department of Health to create this list of steps to help keep us all safe.  We will all follow these guidelines until further notice.

  • All members upon arrival will be required to sign a “Covid19 Waiver” stating that they are not experiencing symptoms of Covid19 & have not knowingly come in contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid19 within the past two (2) weeks.  Anyone with a fever or other Covid19 symptoms will be denied entrance & will be subject to our cancellation policy.  When you arrive for check in, please bring your own pen.
  • No more than one member (or two if a part of a couple) may be present in the Office at a time.
  • Upon check-in, your temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer. Please be aware that random temperature checks around camp are a possibility.
  • We will have non-physical, no-contact check in.
  • Frequently-touched surfaces will be regularly disinfected. We will also be using a fogger frequently (with disinfectant) in all public areas, such as in shower houses and in Rusty’s.
  • Any area where food is prepared, in addition to adhering to the “Safe Serve” guidelines, all surfaces will be cleaned with approved Covid19 disinfectant before, during and after each shift.
  • Hand washing sinks have been installed at all three of the camping areas again this season.  Please wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer use is also highly recommended. Hand sanitizer will be available, however, we do recommend bringing your own and using it regularly.
  • We will require social distancing.  If you are not camping with someone, stay 6 feet apart.  As the State of Indiana now requires, we will require that our members wear masks when out around others in our public spaces. Masks must be worn in the lodge, please. We want you to have a fun, great time here at camp while practicing social distancing for the well-being of everyone.  Hang out, have fun, just social distance.
  • We will not be holding any gatherings in Rusty’s, the Pool(s) or the Pavilion larger than what the State of Indiana permits as outlined in the Governor’s five (5) stages of opening up Indiana.  All areas not conducive to social distancing will be closed.
  • In the shower houses, only every other sink will be in use, only one of the two urinals will be in use, only three of the six showers in Rusty’s shower house will be in use. The shower stalls with curtains and the enclosed toilet stalls should provide adequate protection.
  • The Pool(s) and Hot Tub will be open but social distancing must be respected.  This will limit the number of members permitted at one time. Please use good judgment and limit your time in those spaces so all may enjoy them.
  • For those staying in the Lodge, the dining room will be at 50% seating capacity until June 13, From June 14th to July 3rd, seating capacity will be at at 75%.  Starting July 4th, there are no capacity restrictions on the Dining Room.  In the unlikely event that the dining room would reach it’s allowed capacity (during any stage), meals may be picked up and taken to the member’s room.

We are excited to have you here with us at Buckwood!  It will be a fun season with a lot of great things going on.  We will help protect each other as we navigate a new normal for now. Welcome to Buckwood: Reloaded!